Jun. 9th, 2016 04:49 am
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Conceptual stuff for a project we've been brewing up. Trying to nail down colour palettes & the general look of the thing.

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Over the Garden Wall-themed Beyond the Wall game, notes/brainstorming

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This came up a little bit yesterday, but it's something I've been mulling over. I've just noticed that I've had an easier time powering through feeling anxious over social gatherings, because I can tell myself, "Hey, as nauseous and barfy as I feel right now, it's nothing compared to how miserable I'll feel when the thing starts and I'm not there."

This is useful, since now I can actually tell when I'm feeling sick because I'm irrational and my brain chemicals are trying to sabotage me, or when I have legitimate reasons for not wanting to be there. There's been at least a couple of times when I asked myself, "Are you backing out of this because of jitters over doing something different and new?" And I could answer, "No. Okay, maybe a little, but mostly because if I go I'm not going to have fun because [X]." And I was right! And when I was on my own I could happily read a book or play a game or something without flagellating myself over screwing myself out of a good time, because I wouldn't have had a good time.

It's a minor thing, but it's nice. Progress!
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Dear tumblr-using internet:

Consider inserting this into your layout (somewhere within the style tags):

blockquote img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;}

img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;}

Yes, any images embedded into reblogged text posts will shrink, but this makes it so they're shrunk in proportion rather than being all squashed (or remaining at their full size, and breaking everything).

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Been in a bit of an art slump, so haven't been able to do much of anything elaborate -- been promising a decent picture of the 13th Age party for a while, I really want to do that!

Other things I want to do: Comic about Rana's backstory (that "bad winter" that nobody wants to talk about), and an undertoots comic about [spoiler: Gaster; I don't think he was nearly as nice as people imagine].

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Musing on how different all the tabletop kids I've played ended up, compared to what I had in mind at their inception.

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Instead of other writing, got to thinking about 13th Age and what I'd play if I didn't have Shrike. Wrote most of this inside my head while on a walk.

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Subtitle: "We Survived But We're Dead"

This is regrettably missing a lot of dialogue. We usually record sessions so I can go back and catch stuff, but we didn't this time. But also, things got kind of hectic and I was distracted from scribbling notes.
Jesus christ what even was this.

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Stop naming all your characters after birds, they say. YOU DON'T OWN ME I reply.

OC fleshing out, trying to figure out where she comes from and so on -- 13th Age as a setting is kind of more broad strokes than anything, leaving you to make up the fiddly details. Shrike is a tiefling brewmaster, sort of a monk/drunken-fist class. She's the cheerist, if mildly incoherent, person in the party who gets along with everyone, but since everyone in 13th Age has their little pet issue (the "one unique thing"), it's not all sunshine.

Hint: Look for hovertext.

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I'm eventually going to be porting all the tabletop summaries over to Dreamwidth, but one way or another, summaries are going to appear here from now on.

Sehnsucht summary:
Part 3: "I Should Go; or, The Wider World"

- Some time after the trip to the catacombs, a funeral is held for the cattle farmer whose body hasn't been found ever since the rivers flooded. Seems the ceremony had to be delayed to allow all of her old friends to get to the village, because...

- ...turns out that back in the day, old Farmer Waters was Knight-Commander Helena, a decorated soldier who travelled all over the world and led a company of some very strange warriors indeed.

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Rana writing -- rolled a disaster for a Recent Event, which was very bad news for an NPC I was supposed to be close to.
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Personal showamethean playlist, using different tracks from masked rider azoth. Some general stuff, some Sen-specifc stuff, + other tracks that don't really have the right sound but the right lyrics.

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[More tabletop stuff. Rana's mentor and her godmother sit down to have a talk. Set the night after the first adventure.]

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Meandering character fleshing-out for a Beyond the Wall game. Rana is an Assistant Beast-Keeper, but at the time of this writing she's just the daughter of the town blacksmith. Maria, Caroline, and Khalil are some other kids in the town; Maria ends up apprenticed to the healer-witch, Caroline is a young musician who gets free room-and-board at the inn, and Khalil is... complicated but he REALLY WANTED to be trained by either of the witches in town, since he's betrothed to the miller's daughter and the miller is involved in some shady shit.

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